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Courtney Dezahd

I cannot say enough about Mrs. Ding’s ability to teach and connect with young children. When I first enrolled my daughter, I was concerned that she would not be able to adapt to her new environment. Not only did she not understand a single word of Mandarin, but she also had never been to daycare. Within a week she was so happy to go to school, that she didn’t even look back to say goodbye when I dropped her off. She absolutely adored Mrs. Ding, and within weeks she was performing tasks that I would have never imagined she was old enough to perform. For example, she would put on her apron and pour water from a glass; she would prep her strawberries and tangerines for eating at snack and lunchtime; and she would clean the classroom’s windows and plants, among many other things. I was also blown away by how quickly my daughter began to learn Mandarin under Mrs. Ding’s tutelage. Within only a few months, she was comfortable performing tasks that she was requested to perform in the language, even though she had never heard any Mandarin before joining Mrs. Ding’s class!  She is so popular that almost every parent who has had a child in her class requests her for their younger child(ren). I even have a friend who was awarded a spot at LePort, but said she would wait until a spot opened in Mrs. Ding’s classroom!

Shelly & Andrew

Both of my children, 2 years apart, were taught by Angie since they were 18 months old. She’s been one of their favorite teachers!  Not only does Angie have the knowledge in Montessori teaching, but also the the passion in hands-on approach to life learning. We were fortunate and grateful to have such a caring, lively, and dedicated teacher in our children’s early learning experience.   I highly recommend Angie’s children house

Wei Deng

Teacher Angie is incredibly loving, caring and passionate.  Being a mom of two kids, I understand what a school day means for a preschool teacher.  Teacher Angie is one of the very few preschool teachers I have ever met who, at the end of every school day, still has the energy to share with the parents all the little and big improvements of the kids and lovely stories of the day. I still remember how disappointed my daughter was when she learned that she was not in Teacher Angie’s classroom.  On the other hand, she is very experienced and dedicated.  She understands the unique characteristics of my kids and has provided opportunities to address their specific strengths and weaknesses.  I am most impressed by the structured curriculum with a theme each month provided stimulating, age-appropriate activities.  I can see my son’s improvement in many areas, both socially and academically, over the past year. Teacher Angie is above and beyond what I could ever have asked for as a teacher for my kids.  I would strongly recommend Teacher Angie to any parents.

David Lou

Angie was a wonderful first teacher to our 2 year old daughter. Angie has strong educational training and experience in teaching using Montessori method, which was important to us.  She has a natural ability to empathize with children and guide them with positive reinforcement.  She observes the children she cares for very closely; I found that she discerned our daughter’s personality traits very accurately and used this information to guide her learning in a personalized manner.  Not only was she very professional, but she was kind and had the right balance of playful character to captivate her young pupils.  Our daughter quickly became very attached to Angie and looked forward to going to school every day to learn from Ding Laoshi! Angie is well qualified, and passionate about teaching and nurturing children, and I highly recommend her as a teacher.

Amanda Yang

Angie is the most kind, gentle, wonderful teacher that you can imagine for your child! We were fortunate enough to have her as a teacher for our oldest daughter and as well as our youngest. It can be a hard transition when your child first starts school, but with Angie you will know that your kids are in a safe environment and they will love being with her (our kids didn’t even want to leave her classroom when we came to pick her up!). Angie has the highest credentials, experience and is a wonderful role model for children. Her patience and style of teaching will give your children life skills, education and confidence. If you are fortunate enough to have an opportunity for your child to be in Angie’s class, you will be making a lasting impact on their lives during the crucial developmental stage. I am eternally grateful for Angie’s role in teaching my kids!

Yvette Hwee

Angie was my youngest daughter’s Head Teacher at a Mandarin-Immersion Montessori preschool for over a year until my DD graduated to Primary. My DD thrived under Angie’s care and guidance. Angie always had a good pulse on when to introduce my little one to new materials to stretch herself, helped her find words to express herself (DD was late to speak), and she always had a very calm and patient way about her that kept the class in a good flow. My DD also attached herself easily to Angie due to her warm and caring personality. We are very happy that Angie has started her own school and can run it the way she knows is best for the kids’ development and growth. We only wished we could send DD there, too!

Quan Gan

Irvine has a lot of Family cares, however, those are just basic child care. I am so happy that now we have an authentic Montessori family based school with center standard.

Ms. Angie is a fully qualified Montessori lead teacher. She also worked at a traditional preschool more than five years. Early childhood education is not only her career, but also her passion. Working with young kids is part of her life. She knows what is gentle but consistent, she knows what is positive guidance and discipline, she knows everything about kids.

If you are trying to find a place not only a child care, but also a rich environment to explore and to learn how to be a “whole child”, this is the right place for you. If you are looking for a teacher not only teach your kids, but also support your family and always give useful information, Ms. Angie is the right person.

Courtney Baird Dezahd

Both of my children had the great fortune of having Angie as their Montessori teacher. Angie has a special bond with children, and it shows in the way that all her students, including my children, love and respect her. Her classroom is a calm space, where her students are learning and, most important, happy. If you have the opportunity to send your children to Angie’s Children House, I highly recommend it! Angie will be a teacher your kids will always remember! She truly is that special!